Applications that I use on my pinephone

by Jason on February 20, 2021

As you may know the pinephone is a phone running a regular arm linux distro with touch screen tweaks. That does mean that there is only compatiblity with desktop linux applications and applications made for linux phones. Most of the main applications that people use on their android and ios phones are not supported by the linux based distros (anbox makes android apps work but not even close to good enough for main use).

That is when you have to find alternitives or clients that connect to the services that you want to use. If the software or app you want to use does not work on a web browser then you need to use native apps.

I will be going over some applications I use on my pinephone.

Excpet another blog post explaning how the various applications work on the pinephone. Web browsers:

1. Firefox
2. Angelfish

Matrix clients:

1. Fractal
2. Mirage
3. nheko

More applications:

Galculator - Caculator application that formats better then gnome caculator

Giara - Reddit

Lollypop - Music player

Mpv - video player

Celluloid - Another video player with bigger controls but more choppy framerate

Tootle - Mastodon

Telegram desktop - Telegram

Gnome Weather - Weather

Geary - Email

Gnome Podcasts - podcasts

Pure maps - Navagation maps