cheaper older netbook or chromebook

by Jason on July 21, 2022

I sold my pi 4 with 8gb of ram for $130 USD. Now I got some money to buy something else. It would not be a bad idea to save up but I all ready know what I kind of want to buy.

Right now I am thinking of doing the old computer challenge v1 (with computing power instead of limiting my time) with my own twist and only having 2gb of ram instead of the 512mb. I would have to get an older computer with less computing power. The older laptop I have right now I think its just might be an easy challenge even if its from 2008 and not the best system.
I am thinking of getting a netbook or a chromebook and flashing mrchromebox firmware. The thing about laptops and what I want to do with this laptop I would buy would be that its cheap and small that I can carry around places. Does not have to be powerful because I can put some light os on it like void linux or openbsd.

There are cons and pros to getting both a chromebook or netbook.
The cons of a chromebook is that I have to flash the firmware to get linux on it. And it might only be good on linux and not so good on something like openbsd. The pros of a chromebook is that there are many models that are cheap and would fit what I want so I could get something that might be better then the netbook. Also it only comes with a 16gb sdd so I would have to replace it with something bigger.
As for the netbook the cons are that it might be slightly more expensive but not much more. Also that to replace the drive I would have to take off the keyboard and also take out the motherboard. Not really something that I would want to do but if that is what I have to do I will.

Clearly there are both pro and cons to both options. I do want something in the size range of 10 inch ot 11 inch. A tablet would be a better option but there is no keyboard on it and its always locked to android and I can’t do much on android.
I can do the old computer challenge v1 but instead of doing 1 core 512mb of ram I can do 2 core 2gb of ram. I think it would be nice to do and see if I can use old hardware as my main device.

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