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Hosting my own Pleroma instance

by Jason on May 9, 2022

I thought it would be better if I hosted my own federated social network and owned my data. I can also have my own rules and everything.
Chose to use Pleroma as my software. Mastodon would have also been a good choice but its just more heavy and complex. Besides this is a one or few people instance. Something not as complex is going to be better.

Now I have set everything up correctly. I really like Pleroma and think my instance works great. All I had to do was export my following list from Mastodon and then import it to pleroma. Then my instance federated with others and I got all my posts just like on Mastodon. Pleroma is light and has the Mastodon api so I can use Mastodon clients like Tusky.
If you want to follow me on my own instance I am over on jason123santa@social.jasonsanta.xyz. Might be changed to something more simple in the future.
My account over at mastodon will still be used along with my Pleroma account but I will end up using Pleroma more.

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