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Retrying the 100 days to offload

by Jason on March 9, 2022

My first blog post in awhile. I want to try the 100 days to offload challenge again. If I do end up trying it again I might need to rethink how I am doing this.

Rethinking how I am going to write my blog posts

The 100 days to offload challenge sounds like it would be a good diea. Wanted to try it and did end up posting about 3 posts before I just stopped posting. Now that it has been a few months since my last post I want to try and post more offen. I think that I need to start posting shorter blog posts more like micro blogging but a little bit different and not as shirt. Though some of them might be that short I really don’t know yet.

I was thinking that I could have a seperate part on my website where I just put shorter quotes that I come up with that I want to post kind of like micro blogging but very short stuff. That might be a great idea. Though really I want to just write shorter blog posts that might not be something that is really thought out but it is just a blog post and something that I wrote.

Going to try the challenge again and see how it goes if I post shorter not really thought out posts. Then sometimes I can post stuff that are longer.