SimpleX Chat review

by Jason on May 29, 2022

This might sound like a more negative review then anything but there are not really any great things to say compared to using other messengers.

SimpleX chat says it has privacy and security unlike any other chat application. The issue with that is that how do I know for sure that its really secure. Mostly we just have to check the code if we really want to be able to trust it. I can host my own servers if I don’t trust the default servers.

Is it good as a messaging application even if I might not trust it so much?

When I launch up the app it tells me to create an account and the only thing I need is to think of a username. No personal information is needed and the app is avaiable on fdroid. It gives me a link or qr code to share with other people. Then they can use it to add me.
It looks like so far its great.
There are not much features that make it stand out from the other messengers. They just got support for media support in the latest v2. Before that only regular text messeges where a thing.
Group chats are not a thing. Most people want to be able to make group chats. Calling is also not a thing. Its really a great messenger app on the website but in reality they don’t have anything different then other apps.

There is not any way to backup your information like other apps have. Just that there are times when messeges might not be sent because they are updating the servers are not great.
Really what is the main thing that makes this different then something like xmpp or session. I don’t think anything is much better. The ios app has issues with notifications and has to be open in the background. Not great.
In the future it might be good but right now its not so great compared to what else we have.

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