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Software I use

by Jason on June 5, 2022

Operating Systems

I use Fedora on my main desktop and the computer I am typing this on.
Void linux is on my 2008 acer laptop
haiku is on my older athlon x2 64 desktop
arch is on my pinephone
debian on the server side and on the other sbcs I have
puppy linux and tinycore i have on some usb sticks

text editor/what i use to type this and my blog posts



have palemoon and a few others installed as backup and to test them

gemini browser


desktop environment

gnome because I use fedora

xmpp client

dino and have gajim installed

email client

claws mail I really been liking claws mail the past few days i been using it


I really like and recommend openrgb

I will update this or even make a section of my website for software that i use when I think of other software I should include

This is post 9 of 100 days to offload